When that needle finally comes out of your arm at the blood donation center, and they offer you a glass of orange juice, do you feel relief that the blood draw is over? Most people do, and even though they volunteer to give blood, it is not an experience they look forward to. But once your donation is complete, the job is not over by a long shot.

Blood is vital to life. It is essential for surgeries, cancer treatment, trauma injuries, chronic illnesses and much more. Even one donation can save up to 3 lives according to the Red Cross. Less than 38% of the US population is eligible to give blood or platelets and blood cannot be manufactured, it can only come from volunteer donors. Red blood cells must be used in 42 days or less, and platelets in just five days, so keeping a fresh blood supply is critical. The blood supply chain is a complex system that moves a perishable product and must adhere to numerous regulations. The demand for blood is constantly in flux from all sorts of events including natural disasters, and other unforeseen occurrences.

While donors are the backbone of our blood supply, the blood supply chain dedicated to the processing, storing, and transporting of blood is the essential next step once you make that donation. Because blood can expire, the system of blood transport cannot withstand any miscommunications, missed shipments, or unexpected delays in transport.  

Chesapeake Mobile Health takes blood delivery very seriously. They provide home healthcare that requires blood deliveries for their patients, so they take pride in assuring the patients know when they will arrive and what will the procedure will entail. To give that kind of assurance, the blood supply chain must be dependable.  Running blood products to homes means having professional delivery services that assure the proper chain of custody, monitor the temperature of the products and make the delivery quickly and predictably. 

When Chesapeake needed to assure that level of professionalism, they reached out to DeliveryCircle, a technology company that helps couriers and other commercial carriers to modernize the delivery experience. Through this partnership, Chesapeake achieved

  • better visibility with advanced local delivery tracking
  • real-time delivery notifications via mobile app
  • improved communication between drivers and nurses.

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