Are You the Driver We are Looking For?

DeliveryCircle is looking for customer-focused people who love helping retailers and enterprise shippers compete in this high speed, competitive delivery environment where the customer expectation is same-day delivery on their schedule. As a driver or courier service, you will one or more cargo vans for parcel delivery.

You’ll be responsible for selecting you location and accepting delivery offers via the DeliveryCircle mobile software on your phone. We help you set up and get paid on time.. You’ll be expected to make successful delivery of packages and can accept or decline deliveries in today’s 24/7 logistics operations.

DeliveryCircle works with leading shippers in industries, such as automotive, healthcare, catering, retail, furniture, appliances, beverage, and manufacturing.

More Work, Get Paid Fast

DeliveryCircle makes it easy to get delivery work when you want it and at a good rate. The delivery work come right to you on your mobile phone; accept it and it’s yours.

You deliver to customers who selected the delivery time. There are some jobs that can include an additional delivery task like taking a photo, setting up a display, installations, or removals. It is up to you what offer you accept.

The is no signup fee, no monthly fee, and no payments fee.

Find More Deliveries

Courier firms and individual drivers select their own deliveries, routes, and locations. They can find more work to increase their pay and take a paid load on the return trip.

Once you enter your vehicle type, like cargo van, and your preferred geographic area, you get access to personalized trip offers.

Accept and confirm jobs instantly, no need to go through a broker.

Stay In Your Preferred Area

DeliveryCircle operates in most metro areas in the eastern USA. Check out available deliveries in the app to see what is available. The app can help you with routing to the delivery location.

Get more loads in the area you want delivered right to your phone. No haggling ; accept the offer and it is yours.

“Delivery Driver Jobs Near Me”

Are you Googling a new gig as a local delivery driver? If so, DeliveryCircle has openings across the East Coast and Central USA, but especially in these metro areas:

Minneapolis, MN

St Cloud, MN

Rochester, NY

Syracuse, NY

Pittsburgh PA

Easton, PA

Millville, NJ

Toms River, NJ

Lebanon, NH

Lancaster, PA

South Portland, MA

Augusta, MA

Newport News, VA

Millville, PA

Williamsburg, VA

Washington, PA

Courier Company Benefits from Alliance with DeliveryCircle

DeliveryCircle seeks same-day delivery, courier services to meet the delivery expectations of large, corporate enterprise customers. Courier firms can be an individual parcel delivery drivers or small local courier firms. Cargo vans are among the needed delivery vehicles for pickup and delivery of last-mile shipments. 

DeliveryCircle customers ship packages from a warehouse, distribution center, store, etc. Item sizes vary and the industries served are retail, e-commerce, healthcare, furniture, and more.

These alliance partners must understand the need for reliable, last-mile delivery services, but can be any size company and may work in their preferred location.

The compelling offer made by DeliveryCircle includes:

Are you interested in delivering packages to happy customers every day? We provide you with the technology, support, and deliveries to make you more money.

  • Good, quick pay
  • Convenient pickups and drop-offs
  • Hundreds of parcel delivery options in a metro area
  • Work is one click away on your mobile phone
  • Free mobile app; free to use

Sign up online for free or call (xxx) xxx-xxxx

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