It’s not just because of Amazon. In fact, it’s not even limited to retail. Businesses of all types feel the squeeze of the busy holiday season, when buyers’ delivery expectations skyrocket and their tolerance for any level of disappointment pretty much disappears. With all the pressures of family, friends, faith, socializing – and, of course, shopping – nobody wants to worry about mundane issues like late or missed deliveries.

But we all do worry, because delivery time matters, especially at this time of year, especially when so many holiday items are bought online, and especially since so many customers are last-minute shoppers.

Will out-of-town gifts be delivered on time and in immaculate condition? Will the prepared foods and elaborate desserts arrive before your guests – and still be fresh and appetizing? How can you be sure the customized award items will be in-hand for the year-end office party? What if the cushy airbed you ordered for Aunt Jenny’s visit doesn’t get here before she does? And you sure don’t want that special surprise delivered while its intended recipient is at home.

More than half of consumers say they are more likely to purchase gifts from retailers that offer same-day holiday delivery, even if they have to pay extra for it. Almost one-third purchased a gift for same-day delivery. A full two-thirds say they are more likely to shop with a retailer again after receiving a same-day gift delivery. Among last-minute shoppers, more than ninety percent worry about on-time gift delivery, including in-store purchases that require delivery services.

So how can business meet the demand for same-day, pre-scheduled or specialized delivery during the holiday season? Is there a practical way to make last-mile deliveries fast, dependable and profitable, even when volumes and distances are unpredictable?

On-demand delivery built on app-based technologies is the easy, efficient, cost-effective way to ensure local deliveries on any schedule you specify. Just one click gives you access to as-needed, on-time delivery services staffed by professional drivers who are thoroughly trained, pre-screened and eager to provide outstanding customer service.

For fast home delivery of retail merchandise, cross-town business-to-business deliveries, last-minute gift deliveries for last-minute shoppers, or quick pickup and delivery of any product for any reason, there’s no need to worry about lost, late or misdelivered packages. Real-time tracking lets you monitor and validate local deliveries to ensure outstanding quality and service.

When you choose DeliveryCircle, you’ll be prepared to meet holiday delivery demands, on any schedule and in any volume. This season, that’s one less thing for you or your customers to worry about.

 Speedy deliveries ramp up a notch or two during the holidays as everyone from businesses to consumers want their orders immediately. DeliveryCircle’s nimble technology and local drivers ensure same-day deliveries at next-day prices.

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