Who doesn’t appreciate a helping hand? Shippers with their finger on the pulse of customer service trends are discovering

 that going beyond standard ring-and-run delivery (and many carriers don’t even knock or ring!) by offering “white glove services,” as they are known generically, is an outstanding way to build brand value and customer loyalty.

After all, customers regularly choose to have items delivered (even their in-store purchases) when they are too large or bulky for them to transport and handle alone. When a delivery is especially valuable (think watches, jewelry or electronics) or time- or temperature-sensitive (such as perishable foods, refrigerated prescriptions, or time-critical documents), customers prefer an exact schedule and a clean handoff to ensure security.

Front-door delivery is just not enough for items that need to be unpacked, placed in a specific room or on a different floor, or installed or assembled. And getting rid of all the packaging waste is often a logistical and environmental nightmare for business and residential customers alike.

Upgrading your delivery options to include the special touches that customers want and need sets your business apart from the competition and puts an extra shine on the total customer experience.

By building your delivery program on app-based technology, you get instant access to an on-demand fleet of drivers who are trained, vetted and ready to provide many of the premium services your customers need and appreciate. From in-room placement of packages that weigh up to 150 pounds to simple assembly and set up to appropriate waste disposal, you can select the driver with the specific skills each delivery requires – and monitor the delivery’s progress in real time.

Personalized services delivered with professionalism can add value at every touchpoint – and a customer who feels valued is much more likely to continue to buy from you. Delivery Circle lets you go the extra mile to lend a helping hand – and that gives you a leg up in the marketplace.

DeliveryCircle helps merchants build brand loyalty and delight customers by offering premium delivery options and excellent customer service. DeliveryCircle’s crowd-sourced delivery app gives you the resources and flexibility to enhance your services with white-glove and same-day delivery at next-day prices.

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